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Orthopedic Implants

Ilio - Lumber Fixation Device

Collaborator: Lev Goldenberg, Kalman Shvartsman, Daniel Reis MD

The purpose of this implant is to generate an artificial connection between the lumbar spine (L4, L5) and the Sacrum, through the Ilium, in cases where the anatomical link between L5 and the Sacrum was damaged by a trauma. The implant/Ilium interface provides superior mechanical connection compared to other implants which interact directly with the Sacrum.  The Ilium connection eliminates a potential damage to the nerves which are routed through the Sacrum.


Ilio-Lumber Fixation Device - Overview


Ilio-Lumber Fixation Device - Technical Drawing (High Resolution)


Ilio-Lumber Fixation Device - Finite Element Model


Experimental Loading Device   


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