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IEEE Spectrum

Doc at a Distance (PDF 8.5 MB)

Robot surgeons promise to save lives in remote communities, war zones, and disaster-stricken areas
Jacob Rosen, Blake Hannaford
IEEE Spectrum, Oct. 2006
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The Rise of the Body Bots (PDF 2.7 MB)

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Exoskeletons - An Interview with IEEE Spectrum Correspondent
Erico Guizzo
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USA Today - Aquanauts test robotic surgeons in undersea lab
May 7, 2007

Washington Post - NASA to Test Portable Robot Surgeon

The Associated Press
April 19, 2007

MedGadget - Raven, the Mobile Surgical Space Robot
April 20, 2007

NEEMO 12 Mission Journal - US seeks battlefield robot medic
May 7, 2007

Seattle PI - Tomorrow's battlefield surgeon may not be flesh and blood - Scientists test robot to help injured soldiersBy DONNA By JULIE DAVIDOW
June 12, 2006

BBC News - US seeks battlefield robot medic
March 29, 2005


Santa Cruz Sentinel - UC Santa Cruz engineers build robotic arms to aid physical therapists-
January 18, 2009

Tech Blogs

Biongbiong - Robotic exoskeleton for arms
January 13, 2009

MedGadget - Research Into Smart Therapeutic Exoskeleton
January 13, 2009

Physorg - Medical robotics expert explores the human-machine interface
January 18, 2009

MedGadget - New Robotic Exoskeleton to Amplify the Wearer's Arm Strength
January 13, 2009

Softpedia - Raven, the Mobile Surgical Space Robot
January 14, 2009

Gizmo Watch - Another step towards a bionic man: robotic exoskeleton for arms
January 14, 2009

Gadgetted - Medical robotics expert explores the human-machine interface
January 15, 2009

insciences - Medical robotics expert explores the human-machine interface
January 13, 2009

Medlaunches - medlaunches Wearable robotic exoskeleton lends mechanized arms to the disabled
January 14, 2009

N+T - Go Go Gadget Cyber Arms
January 14, 2009

MedGadget - Raven, the Mobile Surgical Space Robot

April 20, 2007


RAVEN Surgical Robot, Overview


University of Washignon News

UW NEWS - TOPS IN TECH - Top technology of 2008 - Society of Laparoendoscopic Surgeons
January 15, 2008

UW NEWS - Robotic surgeon to team up with doctors, astronauts on NASA mission

April 18, 2007

University of Washington Weekly Newspaper
Demonstration of the BlueDRAGON during the WWAMI Legislative Conference

UWeek - New simulator technology to give surgeons 'feel' of really operating
Nov. 19, 1997

Washington Engineer - E-News

Innovations: ‘Super Suit’ to the rescue
Oct. 2005

Crossing Boundaries: Robo-doc to the rescue
May 2005

UW Electrical Engineering Kaleidoscope
Anual Reseach Review

EEK 2008 - Raven: Undersea Adventures - NASA NEEMO 12

EEK 2007 - demo in the desert: High Altitude Platforms
for Mobile Robotic Telesurgery (HAPs/MRT )

EEK 2006 -
Markov Models to Perform Clinical Skills Assessment
Developing a 7 DOF Upper-Limb Exoskeleton
Next Generation Robotic-Assisted Surgery

EEK 2005 - The Future of Robotics & Control - Robotics in Medicine

EEK 2004 - Control & Robotics

EEK 2003 - Approaching BORG - Melting Human and Machines

EEK 2002 - Robotics Tool Teach Surgery - A feature article on the BluDRAGON

Misc. Web Sites

Science News For Kids - Supersuits for Superheroes

Science Daily

An article published on the web by the Science Daily about the Force Reflecting Endoscopic Grasper (FREG) and the application of force feedback technology in surgery.