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Educational Opportunities



Graduate Students

Graduate students (prospected, current, or transferred) are encouraged to explore research opportunities for both masters and Ph.D. programs. Given the diverse spectrum of the research efforts graduate students with background in any sub discipline of engineering, physics, math, and health science may be considered. Research Associate (RA) positions may be available for graduate students. Please contact Jacob Rosen to explore existing funded opportunities.


Under Graduate Students

Undergraduate students are encouraged to join the lab early in their studies in order to gain sufficient research experience. Research projects for undergraduate students are available. As an undergraduate student you may sign up for research credits as well. Please contact Jacob Rosen to explore available research topics.

Visiting Scholars

The lab will host visiting scholars from all over the world who wish to explore the current active fields of research at the Bionics Lab as well as to expand them beyond the current scope and apply them to other fields. Please contact Jacob Rosen.