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The Bionic Laboratory at the UCLA consists of 1000 square feet of dedicated research space along additional office space for senior personnel.  A state-of-the-art firewall protected computing network provides workstation computing and up-to date software for CAD, numerical analysis, and documentation. Members of the lab have access to a machine shop and an electronic shop. In addition to other research projects, the Bionics Laboratory houses full body motion capturing lab equipment, haptic devices,   custom made robotic systems (upper and lower limb exoskeletons) as well as industrial robotics arms.  


EXO-UL7 - Two wearable upper limb exoskeleton


EXO-LL12 - Lower Limb Exoskeleton

PhaseSpace - Motion Capturing Lab Equipment


Industrial Robotic Arms

Denso - Scara (4-Axis) HS-45451D


Denso - VM1300 (6-Axis)

Haptic Devices

Phantom Omni